Apply for star in app, then you can get diamonds and exchange diamonds to real money.

1.How to apply to be a Star

In the right bottom "Me" section, there is a button applying to be a star.


Step 2: Upload a good video according to the requirement in the page. The video is supposed to be Real people/show face/charming BUT NOT NAKED.

Step 3: Wait for the system to appove your application.

Notice: If your requirement for star is rejected, you will receive a notification in app. Then change another video to apply.

Step 4: If your application for star is accepeted, you can work now.

2.What is DIAMONDS?

Diamonds can be exchanged to real money. 100 diamonds= 0.13 usd. 1000 diamonds=1.5 usd. No grade.

You can get diamonds from answering calls/ gifts/private videos

*New call: 1 min/per call, worthy of 100 diamonds= 0.13 usd. New call is a good way to meet more users. Make it longer, you can get more diamonds.

*Match call: 1 min/per call, worthy of 100 diamonds=0.13usd. Match call is a good way to meet more users. Make it longer, you can get more diamonds.

*Second call(with yellow diamonds icon): 2 mins/per call at least, worthy of 0.45--1.5 usd. Make it longer, you will get more diamonds and more calls.

*Private videos: If one private video is viewed, you can get 100 diamonds=0.13 usd.

Better performance, higher price, more diamonds you get, more calls you get.

3.How to set my price in app

1) Call price

You have two prices.

2 card / 1 min is New Call and Match Call. This is fixed.

6 card / 2 mins is Second Call. This price can be changed. The better your performance is, the higher your price is.That means if you continue to have good answer rate and good performance , your price per call will be higher automaticlly.Top price now is 20 card/2 minutes.

2) How to choose online or offline--THIS IS VEVY IMPORTANT

When you have time to pick up calls, set "YES". If you don't have time, set "NO".

4.How to get more diamonds?

1) More calls more diamonds: Pay attention to your notification, which reminds you of the incoming call.

2) Ask for gifts: show your charming and attract callers to send gifts

3) Actively send private messages to male users including at least one sexy video clip or sexy photo.How to find them: In hot and new (pay attention to males with yellow logo and grey logo, they are rich men)

4) actively respond to males' messages

5) Actively send: send private messages to males usere who establish contact with you just now. How to find them: In notification: reward/ follow/like/commnet

5. How to convert diamonds into money? (extremely important)

1) 100 diamonds=0.13 usd.

2) Withdraw by yourself in the app. Everytime withdraw when your diamonds are more than 6000 diamonds. You can use Paypal to withdraw.

3) After you withdraw, money will be sent to your account within 15 days.

4) If you want to check your money after 15 days, click "Records" in "Exchange". There are all status of every payment. If one payment does not come after 15 days, write the "orderno" to assistant (Whatsapp: 63-9054290239) to check.

Withdrawal commission fee:

a). Every month you have $50 to withdraw for free

b). $50≤Amount≤$170, charge $5+%5

c). $170<Amount, charge $1+1%


(1)if you withdraw $200 for the 1st time in Aug, $50 for free (a), $50-$170 charges $5+$120*5% (b), $170-$200 charges $1+1%*$30 (c), so commssion fee should be $12.3, you can get $187.7 this time

(2) if you withdraw $100 for the 2nd time in Aug, this part is part (c), all charges $100*1%+$1=$11, so this time you get $89.

Our assistant will randomly call stars using new account to test whether stars behave well, if the star let the phone face the ceiling (black screen we would check whether it is the internet problem) or no person in the screen, she will be blocked and won't get any money.